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activity and adventure

Bring a group of friends or work colleagues on the adventure of a lifetime.


Enjoy activities such as hiking, paragliding, surfing, kayaking, zip-line canopy tours, river and nature hikes, horseback riding, bird watching, tree climbing, waterfall repelling, dolphin boat tours and more.


As well as the countless trails and local hikes in the vicinity, with a little organisation, we can arrange a guided climb to the summit of the Chirripo Mountain…the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica at 12,500ft. Stay overnight in the base camp and make your way first thing in the morning to the summit.


Likewise, at the beach, we can organise a guided jungle trek deep into the heart of the Corcovado National Park. Stay overnight in the park at the ranger's lodge and return after 3 days to the luxury of your beachside accommodation, a spa treatment, massage and a home cooked meal!


During your stay discover local attractions like the hot springs, botanical gardens, coffee and cacao plantations, waterfalls and reserves, a wildlife sanctuary, reptile park and more...

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