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Tuscany - Italy

26 guests

Single/double/triple rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Swimming pool, tennis, golf, spa, Wi-Fi

Yoga studio (20 Capacity) mats, blocks, straps  


A 16th Century hamlet that has been renovated and turned into an agriturismo.  It’s set on top of a hill where you can look upon the Apennine and Apuan Alps, and surrounded by the green mountains of Lunigiana.

Take  a swim in the 800 sq.ft pool, play a game of tennis on the clay court  or hit a round of golf on the 4 hole 'pitch 'n' put' course on the  property. Enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape with  numerous rivers, hiking trails in the nearby mountains and just a 30  minute drive from the seaside resort of Versilia and the Liguria coast and the Cinque Terre.

Each double room has an ensuite bath.  The rooms/baths are simple and functional. European baths designed in the 16th century will not compare to the large and spacious baths often found in new homes.  You won’t be spending much time in your room with so much to explore and adventures to be had!

Indulge in healthy, inspiring, vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, incorporating a wide selection of locally sourced fresh organic ingredients, providing a culinary experience that will nourish and satisfy.  We’ll enjoy complimentary wine with dinner and be treated to typical dishes of the Lunigiana region.

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