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Our MISSION is to create a unique holistic experience in a safe and secure environment for individuals, groups and families dedicated to wellness and healthy living.

Our OBJECTIVES are to offer quality retreats to smaller intimate groups at affordable prices with more comfortable accommodations, a higher standard of services, greater selection of activities and incomparable level of cuisine.

We PROMISE to offer better incentives to group leaders, better marketing and promotional material, and more overall support before, during and after the retreat.

We AIM to supply a unique and original product that satisfies the demand for a diverse and more complete travel experience.

We BELIEVE in personal choice, but we respect the choices made by others. Therefore, we discourage the consumption of alcohol outside of mealtimes and have a strict no smoking policy on the retreat premises at all times. However, there is a fully licensed bar within close proximity and ashtrays are provided on the beach.

We SUPPORT local communities by receiving donations towards projects and schools in the area, offering assistance and scholarships to children to improve their opportunities and forward their education.

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