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Peniche - Portugal

20 guests + 2

Double occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Swimming pool, spa, Wi-Fi

Yoga studio and platform (20 Capacity) mats, blocks, straps

A yoga and surf retreat in Portugal 70km north of Lisbon in a small picturesque village. A place where people can relax, recharge, slow down an have an opportunity to step away from their fast-paced lives and to take care of their bodies and minds. We offer a beautiful location in a sustainable environment that is friendly for both nature and animals.

Besides practicing yoga and surfing, enjoy eating healthy and yummy food. All of our meals are created with ingredients out of our own veggie garden or with fresh produce from the local markets.

To keep a family-feel we never have more than 20 guests staying in our beautiful Quinta in comfortable single and double bedrooms. The spacious surrounding gardens and hiking trails, make sure that there is more than enough space for everyone to enjoy their stay.

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