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Mallorca, Spain (Balearic Islands)

22 guests + 2

Double occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Swimming pool, spa, Wi-Fi

Yoga studio and platform (20 Capacity) mats, blocks, straps

A stunning property situated in the foothills of Mallorca's Sierra de Tramontana mountains. Tastefully conceived, it is a retreat centre in a class of its own.


The almost unimaginable tranquility of the location and the clean, reduced design of the buildings regularly draw small groups of artists, writers and yogis in search of privacy, natural beauty and creative inspiration.


The villa was designed with great sensitivity to the environment and exquisite attention to detail. High ceilings and large windows create a remarkable sense of space and light, highlighting extensive oak floors and cedar and pine carpentry. The result is an outstanding combination of natural ambience and modern functionality.

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