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'LA MONTAÑA' - Mountain Lodge and Yoga Retreat


Location:        Chirripó Mountain - Costa Rica

Capacity:        30 guests

Occupancy:    Double/Family
Facilities:        Waterfalls and Swimming Holes, Internet (limited)
Yoga:              Temple (30 capacity), Mats, Cushions, Blankets


This remote mountain location, situated on the river, deep inside the cloud forest above a small mountain village, provides the ultimate mountain retreat setting.


At 1500 meters above sea level, expect the climate to be cold at night and in the early morning, followed by sunshine and blue skies until around midday, when the clouds roll over the mountain peaks and down the valley, creating a surreal and magical atmosphere.


The summer evenings will usually bring clear skies and bright stars, but crisp cool nights that will make you want to crawl under your down comforter and blanket once the fire burns low.


The retreat offers a selection of beautiful and comfortable double occupancy and family accommodations, ranging from mountain bungalow suites and wood cabins to the more rustic ‘Nature Lover’ tent platforms with spacious hard wood floors and canvas yurts.


THE  MALOKA is a conical construction with a 20 meter high, palm leaf roof. It is the central meeting point with a dining area, fireplace, cosy sitting corner, modest library and kitchen.


THE TEMPLE is an extremely magical, sacred space with incredible views of mountain peaks, rolling pastures and virgin rainforest where you can practice in the morning sunshine to the sound of birds singing and the running river below…absolutely awe inspiring!


The RIVER POOLS are only a ten minute walk away, through the beautiful gardens and trails, where crystal clear waters run right through the middle of the property, creating a magical energy, a feeling of purity and an unforgettable mountain experience.


The GARDENS are full of native flowers and plants that are loved by the birds and butterflies, creating a space in which our guests may experience moments of serenity, contentment and a complete connection with nature.

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