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Algarve - Portugal

20 guests + 2

Double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms + dorm

Bio pool, Wi-Fi, Aqueduct, Beach

Yoga temple and solarium (22 Capacity) mats, blocks, straps

A spiritual, ecological events & retreat center nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of the Algarve, South West Portugal.


Set among 70 hectares of nearly untouched land and wildlife and only 15 minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, this center makes the perfect getaway for nature lovers and those who seek tranquility, connection and transformation.


Created out of our vision to offer a place of spiritual re-encounter with oneself through nature, healthy food and silence. If you love nature, healthy & organically grown food and are looking for peace and tranquility, are passionate about helping people to reconnect with themselves and nature, and like to inspire conscious and healthy living, this will be the perfect place for you.


Unlimited silence within an evergreen forest reservation, amazing canopy vistas, endless creek trails and a unique night sky with hardly any light pollution allow you to completely switch off from your daily life.

Whether one likes to relax by the bio-pool, find stillness in the yoga and meditation temple, read a book in our panoramic solarium, watch the sunset from the roof top terrace or listen to the birds in our natural amphitheater, you will find the peace and soul nourishment you are looking for.

As a permaculture inspired retreat center with the aim of promoting health and transformation, we provide delicious and nutritious vegetarian food to our guests, which comes straight from our gardens. We grow our own organic greens and herbs in the mandala gardens, as well as pines, cork oaks and arbutus berries and have just started extensive organic gardens for self-sufficient food production.

The center has capacity for hosting up to 40 people with different budgets and accommodation types from private suites and bungalows to tepees and cozy dorm rooms. The buildings and retreat facilities were reconstructed using traditional and organic materials (adobe) giving this beautiful property not only an authentic Portuguese feel, but also providing a healthy and comfortable environment in all weather. 

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