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art & photography

Chirriposa offers open art opportunities and artistic workshops and retreats, allowing guests to create works of art inspired by the natural surroundings.


Discover the overwhelming natural beauty of the Costa Rican landscape and the seemingly infinate variety of tropical flora and fauna that will happily act as your inspiration. Awaken your creative inner self and capture your adventure through the lense or on the canvas.


Chirriposa will organise guided expeditions deep into the heart of the Chirripó and Corcovado National Park and neighbouring rainforests, along the vast open coastline of the Pacific Ocean and into mangroves and estuaries of the Golfo Dulce, giving you the opportunity to take incredible photos of wildlife and landscapes, that you will treasure forever!


However, remember that many of the best photos are taken from right outside the door of your accommodation!


upcoming art / photography retreats

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