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Wherever your retreat takes place, we guarantee a high standard of quality, comfortable and tasteful accommodations that reflect and compliment the beautiful, natural surroundings and environment, which have been hand picked to suit all your needs. 


The majority of accommodations are double occupancy and offer spacious living facilities as well as en-suite bathrooms. However, we do also offer some single occupancy rooms on request (may require a supplement), as well as more family style, shared accommodations.


All our retreat centres have communal areas for group meals and relaxing, whether it be by the fireplace, in the hammock or by the pool…


To find out more details and see photos of accommodations for a specific retreat, then please go to our 'upcoming retreats' page and click 'retreat info' on whichever retreat you are interested in.


You can also contact us directly if you would like to hear more about specific retreat centres or locations.

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