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Enjoy activities such as hiking, paragliding, surfing, kayaking, zip-lining canopy tours, river and nature hikes, horseback riding, bird watching, tree climbing, waterfall repelling and dolphin boat tours.


Hiking: As well as the countless trails and local hikes in the vicinity of the hotel, with a little organisation we can arrange a guided climb to the summit of the Chirripo…the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica. Stay overnight in the base camp and make your way to the summit, before you decend the same day and arrive back at the hotel in time for afternoon yoga!


Surfing: Enjoy the relatively uncrowded waves of the Osa Peninsula, ideal for both beginner and experienced surfers. Lessons or board rental are available at the surf school, just a short stroll down the beach from your accommodation.


Kayaking: Individual or Tandem kayaks available for rental to fish or to just cruise around the Golfo Dulce.


Canopy Tours: Glide through the jungle canopy from tree to tree harnased onto a zipline and take in the rainforest from a higher perspective.


River and Nature Hikes: Stroll into the virgin rainforest towards the source of the river, encountering a variety of the diverse fauna and flora native to the area, as well as bathing in the beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. A guided expedition into the Corcovado National Park can also be arranged for the more adventurous of groups.


Horseback Riding: available both in the mountains and at the beach with a knowledgeable local guide.


Tree Climbing: Scale harnessed up a giant Strangler Fig (Matapalo) 65 ft up to a platform and then hurl yourself off into the canopy as you are lowered back gently to the ground.


Waterfall Repelling: Climb up the face of a 100ft flowing waterfall and then reppell down it to the pool below.


Dolphin Boat Tours: Set off early in the morning to try to find dolphins and whale sharks in the Golfo Dulce. Then visit a Wildlife Sanctuary on a secluded beach at the other side of the gulf. Enjoy some snorkelling and swimming before taking a trip down the estuary of the Rio Esquinas deep into the mangroves to search for Tree Boas and American Crocodiles.


Local Attractions and Excursions: Discover local attractions like the hot springs, botanical gardens, coffee and cacao plantations, waterfalls, Cloudridge Reserve, the Chirripo and Corcovado National Parks, a wildlife sanctuary, reptile park and more...

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